General Dissertation Writing Rules That You Must Follow

As you advance through college in anticipation of graduation, you may find that a huge project looming over your head is your dissertation. A student’s thesis has the potential to make or break their career, making it an incredibly influential writing assignment. As this time approaches, students may find themselves wondering what separates the best dissertation writers from those who just get by. Here are some rules that you must follow to join the ranks of the best.

#1: Choosing an Appropriate Topic
Original thought is at the heart of any good thesis. You should start with an idea that is your own. This does not mean you cannot use similar topics that have been done before. It is in your benefit, however, to introduce a unique idea to the previous topic.
If you have a hard time focusing your ideas, this is where custom dissertation writing services can be useful. Many list great topic ideas—all you need to do is tweak them to make them unique. You can even argue a previously written thesis.

#2: Include the Proper Sections
Undergraduate and graduate dissertations are much more complex than the average research paper. They require several sections, typically labelled as chapters. The sections include:

  • Introduction- Used to give any necessary background knowledge and set the scene for the rest of the paper.
  • Literature Review- Discusses literature used for the thesis and what each piece of literature means for the idea presented.
  • Methods- How you researched your idea, as well as any experiments you may have used.
  • Findings- Overview of what you concluded from your methods.
  • Discussion- Overview of what the methods and findings mean for your overall idea.
  • Conclusion- Often includes your opinion about your findings and what the literature and methods used in your research have led you to. It also discusses any ideas for future research or limitations that may have been present in your work.
  • Appendices- This section lists information about data like charts and graphs that may be used in your text, as well as included relevant photos.
  • Bibliography- You cannot write my dissertation without academic references. References not only give your information credibility, they provide a basis for the ideas presented in your dissertation. These are listed on a Bibliographies page and have corresponding footnotes.

#3: Follow the General Formatting Guidelines
Most disciplines have a specific set of guidelines for their individual thesis. In general, you must provide the sections listed above and use size 12 font in a typeface that is easy to read. The writing assignment must be double spaced and page numbers must be included, usually being centered on the bottom of the page. You can find samples of a properly formatted dissertation on dissertation writing service websites for additional guidance.

This guide is a great start to dissertation writing help. With the advice provided, you can easily write a thesis that will earn you a high grade. If written the right way, you may even find that your work is the basis for new developments in the future.

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