Tips And Tricks On Writing A Dissertation Methodology

The methodology section of your student dissertation is a critical element in your body of work. Its purpose is to inform the reader of what you plan to do and how you will analyze data. This gives insight into your thought process, whether you are conducting research for your dissertation online or are using your own experiments.

#1: Make a Bullet List of What You Intend to Do
One of the easiest ways to get a methodology written for your thesis is to create a bullet list of what you intend to do. This provides the basis for your research, as well as a guideline of what you need to do to complete the work. This is something that even writers that work for custom thesis writing service websites do, because it helps organize ideas before you start writing. Once you have done this, continue the bullet list for the rest of your information and use this as an outline to write your methodology section.

#2: Relate Information to Your Literature Analysis
The literature analysis serves a great purpose in your work. It provides background for your work and gives credibility to your ideas. As you write the methodology section, be sure to address all the documents and experiments listed in your literature analysis. You will need to discuss how you analyzed this information and what methods were used to draw the conclusions that you have.

#3: Use Qualitative, Quantitative, or Both
As you evaluate literature and the results of any experiments you have done, the evaluation will be considered either qualitative or quantitative. Qualitative means that attitudes, behaviors, or other non-primary data is being evaluated, while quantitative means that data is being used, including measurable results like surveys and statistical data. The type of analysis and research that you use will depend on the specific topic. Be sure to address which you have used and why. For samples, check out the documents provided on a dissertation writing service or through your school library.

#4: Explain Your Whys
You should be fully prepared for the dissertation committee the will review your work to question your theories and methods. If you explain the ‘why’ of your research in the methodologies, there will be less questions for you to answer. The ‘why’ that you are explaining is the reasoning behind each research method that you chose for writing the best dissertation.

#5: Include Philosophies
Even when philosophy is not an integral part of a student’s thesis, having a background in the subject can help prove an argument. You will find that understanding reasoning that is taught in the philosophies will help you explain your methodology more clearly. It will also prepare you to dispute any arguments that may arise.

As you write the methodologies section, follow the tips above to ensure the committee reviewing your work understands how your mind was working. You can look to a dissertation help service if you need additional guidance, or ask the mentor that is overseeing your work.

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